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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> the football we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ ♪ it means clear, cheaper american-made ergygy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ ♪ >> limbing and in h.d., this is abc 7 7 news at 11 on your side. >> up first at 11:00 tonight the countdown to the inauguration. the guests are starting to
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arrive and the parties are just getting started. the airports are busy. the hotels and restaurants are packed and ready for the big weekend. >> abc 7 is your inauguration station. richard reeve is live on the national maul with all the excitement already underway, right, rich in? right. people are really pumped up for this. we should mention if you come to the national mall there will be a lot of security fences like this. by monday there will be hundreds of thousands of people out here. >> the heightened security and yes, the crowds -- >> it's amazing. really inspiring to be here. >> signs the inaugural is just days away now. >> this is the second time around but there's a first time for anyone to be inspired. >> among the 800,000 people converging on d.c. --
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>> going to be really crowded! >> the everett family from tampa, florida. >> at this moment to -- in time to be here and share and be part of sharing the excitement for our country. >> at a time when the inaugural spirit is almost everywhere the city's luxury hotels are cashing in. at the willard there is patriotism history and op ulence at at $1,100 a night. but susan, who traveled here wall -- all the way to germany -- >> yes, they rewarded me with the golden ticket. it's actually open seating. first come, first serve. got to get there early. >> a second inauguration for mr. obama -- >> i can't wait to see the president and hear what he has to say. >> but still special. >> this time it's a sense of community and camaraderie and celebrating what we want
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america to be. >> that last shot gives you a sense of what things will look like. crowds are expected to be slightly smaller this time around but enough to generate some $50 million in revenues for the city. and tonight is a good dress rehearsal. it is cold out here! >> cold indeed rich. thank you so much. also tonight listen to this. inauguration spectators may want to pass on that extra cup of coffee monday morning because many could face really long lines to gob to the restrooms. the committee says there will be 2,400 portable toilets on the parade routes and national mall and monuments but d.c. officials expect 600,000 to 00,000 people monday so that equals one port-a-potty for every 300 people at the event. yikes! stay with abc 7 news for complete coverage leading up to
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inauguration day. for updates turn to and our social -- and our social media sites as well. now that hostage drama playing out overseas. we have learned the identity of aun american killed. greta? >> the state department has confirmed the death of frederick buttaccio. he is from -- from katie, texas, a suburb of houston. the others, still nothing, but horrifying details are emerging. the hostage drama continues at the b.p. plant in the remote sahara desert. >> today they launched a second series of efforts on the facility that did result in freeing of more hostages and it now has the hostage takers kind of hunkered down. >> earlier algerian special forces seized hundreds of
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alingerians seized by islamists but dozens are still unkentuckied for, including several americans and today a strong warning from the state department. >> those who would wantonly attack our country and our people would have no place to hide. >> the natural gas plant's reportedly been ringed with explosives bib the terrorists and relatives of the hostages that got out said westerners were rounded up and strapped with explosives. >> he ways -- was made to sleep with the sem tex around his neck. >> he escaped when kidnappers bombed the convey yesterday. >> our thoughts are were colleagues still there at the moment. >> a state department new agency reported that 12 hostages had been killed so far but not confirming the number of americans still missing or
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held. >> reports said hostages were offered to be released for the exchange of two terrorists but the state department said flat out we don't negotiate with terrorists. >> hours ago state health officials in baltimore confirmed a child died from the flu. they did not release any other details other than that the child had an underlying health condition. 30,000 americans have been stricken with the flu and according to the c.d.c., 90% of flu-related deaths have been among people 65 and older. turning to the weather now, we finally saw the sun today but you better bundle up when you go outside. steve has the first look at
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what's coming this way. >> leon, we are looking at a cold night ahead. but the high pressure that brought us the sunshine today now moving off the coast and our temperatures instead of falling during the overnight hours will start to rise just a little bit. 30 in winchester, 34 in quantico. our doppler radar shows absolutely nothing out there. waking up tomorrow, it will be a cold start, 24 to 32 degrees. but notice the wind out of the south at 5 to 10. that's going to bump our temperatures up just a bit for the day tomorrow and we could be looking another a chance for some snow showers on monday. give you the exact time n -- timing and the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. >> steve, thank you. tonight we're falling breaking news in that mystery surrounding notre dame football star manti te'o. just a short time ago te'o spoke with espn.
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was -- it was off camera but it was the first time he's spoken to the media since the story broke the here's a story of manti te'o with jeremy schaap. it's his first interview and the details have not been made public. this comes as notre dame officials are he's spoken encouraging the linebacker to come forward. he has claimed he was duped into an online relationship whose death then was faked. this as another men reportedly fell victim to the same hoax involving the same woman. >> when they showed pictures of lennay it was the same pictures. >> now, this woman whose image was used in the photos without her knowledge, is not speaking publicly. none at 11:00. disgraced cyclist lance armstrong is facing new criticism a day after he made a nationally televised confession. some are saying he still has
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not told oprah winfrey the entire truth. >> if lance armstrong's goal was a shot at redemption, he may have just taken a step backwards. >> i view this situation as one big lie that i repeated a lot of times. >> but investigators say even now he's still lying the he told oprah he stopped doping in 2005. >> you did not do a blood tranceusion? >> absolutely not. >> in 2009? >> 2009 and 2010. those were the two years i did the tour. absolutely not. >> yet today investigators tell abc news his blood work from 2009 shows consistent blood manipulation consistent with transfusions. why admit to anything? critics say it's to keep within
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the statute of limitations and avoid possible criminal charges. even though he did confess the smearing tactics many saw a lack of compassion that seemed bizarre at best. >> are you satisfied by anything you heard? >> no, i'm not. i'm really disappointed. i don't know if i'm stupid willing to give him a second chance, but i think he blew it. >> in the second part of oprah winfrey's interview with him armstrong revealed that being forced out of his cancer nonprofit livestrong has been the most humbling part of this experience for him. and speaking of revelations, you know those airport body scanners some called too revealing? they maybe a thing of the past. >> and what's going to replace them? >> and stephen colbert and
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politics? why he could play a high-profile rile in a campaign. and soon d.c. cab drivers will be saying leave the c
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you're watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris, alison starling meteorologist bob ryan weather and tim branch, sports. >> testimony began today in the misconduct trial of john lipow. a former executive assistant said leopold made her empty his catheter bag several times a day and he is also accused of using his security detail to
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arrange sexual encounters. and just hours after we learned that now d.c. taxicabs will be required to take credit cards in every vehicle -- >> live in georgetown with a story on how riders -- riders are saying it's about time. >> it's not happening fast enough to help all the people coming to the district this weekend but finally you won't have to hi the a.t.m. before hailing a cab. >> finding one with a credit card reader is -- >> impossible. it doesn't exist. >> you know the feeling. you finally flag down a taxi and once you are securely settled in realize you are cashless in a cash-only ride. >> take me to the nearest a.t.m., which then costs more money. >> but by the end of march every cab is now required to have a smart reader involved.
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it's a mandate 80% of the fleet doesn't jet -- yet meet. >> we have had a strong push from those who use taxis to be able to use credit cards. >> this owner says his card reader has helped him get customers. what worries him as chair of the small business association is talk of installing a device that can be used for ad space, saying the money should be 100% his, not go to the government the >> if they direct any revenue out of it no, it should go 100% to me. >> the chairman of the cab association said while 100% of the advertising revenue won't go to the taxi drivers, the vast majority will because it's supposed to help with fees. >> thank you very much.
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well, 7 is on your side now as the t.s.a. is pulling the plug on those revealing airport scanners. they will be pull out of service by june because the company that makes them is unable to take care of privacy issues. the sister of stephen colbert is making a run for congress. that's right, elizabeth colbert busch, her married name, is planning to run for the seat in south carolina. g.o.p. candidates include former governor mark sanford seeking a return to politics after resigning over an extramarital affair four years ago the of course we escaped the know yesterday but it was a far different store to our south. look at this. university of alabama, the
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students celebrating practice being cancelled with, what else, a massive snowball fight. they chucked snowballs for haffer an hour. then the snow started to melt. but it was fun while it lasted. >> it's always fun when you don't have to shovel! >> exactly. >> birmingham had two inches but chicago has had all year less than an inch and in d.c. going on two years of not even one inch in a snow storm the >> odd year. >> did someone turn the map upside down? >> hey, it's cold this evening but temperatures are not going to fall a whole lot more through the overnight hours. an indication that the winds are turning south southwest. the wind-chill factor in the middle 20's and if you head outside right now, this is what it is going to feel like monday for the inauguration.
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look at the record -- 69 set back in 1990. our weather bug networks, three stops this evening. centreville, suitland, and wtop radio in upper northwest d.c. the tp is not -- temperature is not going to fall a whole lot more. we'll see temperatures gradulely -- gradually increase by 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow and a nice bump tomorrow afternoon. high pressure is going to move off the coast. winds will turn to out of the south and southwest. they've already started that make that change and the nasty storm that affected central and southern virginia yesterday, now long gone. not going to fall a whole lot more. we'll see temperatures gradulely -- gradually increase by 7:00, 8:00 it's going to remain clear tonight. doppler radar is quiet and dry
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and that's how it will remain for the upcoming weekend. our next best chance for wintry weather won't come until man -- monday inauguration day. could see a few snow showers but not expecting any accumulation. followed by another colt front late monday, really going to drop our temperatures on tuesday. we'll start off mainly clear and cold. for tomorrow, lots of sunshine to enjoy. middle to upper 40's to around 50 degrees, so a good five to 10 degrees warmer than we were early ner -- earlier in the day. switch to monday, inauguration day, cold, a few flurries mainly during the afternoon and evening hours. it's going to feel like the middle 20's. the extended outlook shows a cold snap, a brief one, for
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tuesday. it would signal our coldest dave the season as we move into the upcoming weekend. i'll get it all out here eventually. temperatures will warm to the 30's and middle 40's. but remember four years ago inauguration was considerably colder. it's not going to be like that but it's going to be chilly. >> ok. thank you, steve. >> chilly? that's hockey weather! the caps are get -- getting ready to start the nhl season. facing off tomorrow night. tiger gets the boot and the ravens and patriots are getting ready to battle each other again. a ticket to the super bowl is on the line. sports up next.
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and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> well, championship weekend is now upon us in the nfl.
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so tee it high and let it fly. the ravens will be sequestered in their hotel tomorrow night. should be a classic. these two seem to meet every year now. sneng rayford by a wlopping eight points and tory smith certainly respects them. >> you know, they're a great team. you definitely have to respect them, what they've done in the past and even how they're playing now. they've been beating folks down. there is a lot of respect for those guys. we're definitely not afraid of them. just trying to prepare as best we can. >> 6:30 sunday night. the cats are headed south. on the eve of the nhl season, the caps will be back on the
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ice tomorrow and the stakes will be even height -- higher because it's a 48-game shortened season. >> i got to compliment the guys because we've thrown a lot at them. myself and the other coaches who have talked to them a lot and they've done great because it's bain lot in a short span of time. >> after three straight wins, nene is back with the team in his original city as he plays. he played for the nuggets. crawford with the long jumper from the bonus sphere. now two seconds left. wizards lead 110-108. we'll try to get you the final before we're done here the meanwhile, tiger woods played in the first tournament of the season at the dubai championship. with a two-stroke penalty he misses the cut by one.
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he is now flying to torrey pines where he will play in next week's tournament. and bruce airans was formally introduced as the new head coach of the arizona cardinals. 112-108 the final. the wizards have now won four of their last five! >> elizabeth i'm coming to
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preparation for the inauguration is one of our top trending stories. also, two catholic university students who are being hailed as heroes for helping save a crime victim. and of
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bundle up for the weekend in? absolutely. tomorrow will be a little bit warmer compared to today. temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. same on sunday. cold front number one arives late sunday. temperatures in the 30's on machine with a chance for a few show -- snow showers. no accumulations for inauguration but look at the cold blast. warming wack -- back to the
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mid-40's on friday. still no significant snow storms on the horizon the >> ok. look at that teens though. look,
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every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ ♪ that's why right here in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional
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fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ ♪


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